IRS Form 1023 

Tax Exempt Classification 501 (c) (3)

• Animal Rescues

• Charities

• Churches, Synagogues, etc.

• Educational Loans or other Educational Grants

• Foundations

• Homes for the Elderly, Handicapped, and Low-Income Housing

• Hospitals

• Medical Research

• Organizations Providing Scholarships or Fellowships

• Religious Groups or Organizations

• Schools, Colleges, Universities

• Scientific Purposes

• Youth Athletics


IRS Form 1024

Tax Exempt Classifications 


501 (c) (19) 

A post, organization, auxiliary unit, etc., of past or present members of the Armed Forces of the United States


501 (c) (12)

Benevolent life insurance associations, mutual ditch or irrigation companies, mutual or cooperative telephone companies, or like organizations


501 (c) (6)

Business leagues, chambers of commerce, etc.


501 (c) (13)

Cemeteries, crematoria, and like corporations


501 (c) (4)

Civic leagues, social welfare organizations, including certain war veterans’ organizations, or local associations of employees


501 (c) (10)

Domestic fraternal societies, orders, etc., not providing life, sick, or other benefits 


501 (c) (8)

Fraternal beneficiary societies, etc., providing life, sick, accident, or other benefits to members


501 (c) (5)

Labor, agricultural, or horticultural organizations


501 (c) (15)

Mutual insurance companies or associations, other than life or marine


501 (c) (7)

Social clubs


501 (c) (2)

Title holding corporations


501 (c) (25)

Title holding corporations or trusts


501 (c) (17)

Trusts providing for the payment of supplemental 

unemployment compensation benefits


501 (c) (9)

Voluntary employees’ beneficiary associations

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